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Resources for Helping Children with Anger & Behavioral Health Problems

There are a variety of scenarios that result in children needing emotional and academic support in order to thrive. The Aspire Day School team would like to share these resources as a means for sharing resources that encourage positive outcomes for students.

Positive Classroom Behavior Support

Classroom positive behavioral support entails creating an environment that implements evidence-based practices and systems that provide support and improve students' behavioral and academic outcomes.

Frameworks for Positive Behavioral Interventions & Support

Evidence-based, tiered frameworks for supporting students' mental health, social-emotional learning, and academic life.

Mental Health and Education

Addressing mental health needs in academia in order to encourage bright futures for students. 60% of teens with depression did not get treatment in the past year (National Education Association, 2022)

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Dr. Arnold P. Goldstein and Dr. Ellen McGinnis are the original founders of Skillstreaming.

Skillstreaming is a highly acclaimed, evidence-based prosocial skills training program that builds social-emotional competence and encourages pro-social behaviors.

Skillstreaming utilizes a four-part training approach— (1) modeling, (2) role-playing, (3) performance feedback, and (4) generalization.

The four-part training approach is used to teach essential prosocial skills to children and adolescents. Each of the Skillstreaming books provides a complete description of the Skillstreaming program, with instructions for teaching a wide variety of prosocial skills.

Equine Therapy

Equine Therapy can help students build confidence, self-efficiency, communication, trust, perspective, social skills, impulse control, and learn boundaries.

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ASPIRE Day School Is Proudly CARF Accredited

CARF ® accreditation demonstrates a program’s commitment to the highest quality treatment methods. Accreditation demonstrates that our organization is committed to reducing risk, addressing health and safety concerns, respecting cultural and individual preferences, and providing the best possible quality of care.

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