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Resources for Helping Children with Anger & Behavioral Health Problems

There are a variety of scenarios that result in children needing emotional and academic support in order to thrive. The Aspire Day School team would like to share these resources as a means for sharing resources that encourage positive outcomes for students.

Classroom positive behavioral support entails creating an environment that implements evidence-based practices and systems that provide support and improve students' behavioral and academic outcomes.

Last Updated: 12/9/2022

Evidence-based, tiered frameworks for supporting students' mental health, social-emotional learning, and academic life.

Last Updated: 12/9/2022

Addressing mental health needs in academia in order to encourage bright futures for students. 60% of teens with depression did not get treatment in the past year (National Education Association, 2022)

Last Updated: 12/27/2022



Skill Streaming

Dr. Arnold P. Goldstein and Dr. Ellen McGinnis are the original founders of Skillstreaming.

Skillstreaming is a highly acclaimed, evidence-based prosocial skills training program that builds social-emotional competence and encourages pro-social behaviors.

Skillstreaming utilizes a four-part training approach—   (1) modeling, (2) role-playing, (3) performance feedback, and (4) generalization.

The four-part training approach is used to teach essential prosocial skills to children and adolescents. Each of the Skillstreaming books provides a complete description of the Skillstreaming program, with instructions for teaching a wide variety of prosocial skills.


Equine Therapy

Equine Therapy can help students build confidence, self-efficiency, communication, trust, perspective, social skills, impulse control, and learn boundaries.